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City of Zagreb
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Work title: UN-SPACE

Define UN-SPACE UN-SPACE Underutilized Unrepresented Under construction unaware unconcerned uninterested UN – SPACE is defined as space which one does not see or understand as a part of the daily public realm. We seek to unveil these hidden islands of alley ways, courtyards, sidewalks and parking lots to express its true potential as space that will be remembered. UN-SPACE the new spatial experience. Our solution through Narrative It’s not often we recognize our environment as a dynamic living system that is constantly changing, evolving, and creating. As People become more connected through social media we may lose the physical connections that we identify with. Today most people connect with their phone, tablet, or phone. We seek to create a new identity for new Zagreb as new social catalysts for space making. Our solutions are not too looking down on this evolution of human connectivity but to enhance the experience and give it a new physical self as spatial form. Our goal is to create a new character and public beacon that redefines urban camouflage; exposing the cities, secret spaces and new possibilities for public events. S.K.I. (Super Kanopy Interspace) System. S.K.I. is an urban canopy system that floats from space to space; creating new public hotspots for urban communities. The solar fabric receives power as the drones push air throughout the fabric. The tension of the fabric along with the compression of the drones allow for the form to expand and contract for each event. The drone is connected to an enhanced Wi-Fi system which allows content to change by the minute as needed. Finally the projection are placed strategically on specific drones allowing a cinematic like experience or simply keep score of a soccer game to be simulated in real time.
Work details
Application Number 0000703188
Author MACDONALD, THOMAS , United States
Coauthors HENRY, KORDAE , United States
LUO, YADAN , United States

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:30:47
    The work has fulfilled most of the competition demands. The jury recognizes the value of the proposition, although the quality of the entry does not suffice for the third round of the competition.
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