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City of Zagreb
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Work title: Forest Pavilion

THINK SPACE If we are all going to live so very close together, I think people should share their energy, and in someway have places where they can convene together, where they are not bombarded with advertising and it isn’t just a colonized by shops or starbucks, but is something else” -Antony Gormley, Artist ‘I look at a tree and the tree doesn’t tell me anything, the tree does not have a message, it is just a tree and it’s beautiful, nothing special – incredibly powerful’ -Peter Zumthor, Architect The conversation in modern public space is becoming more one sided each day. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements from companies forcing use to desire products which we don’t need, products which only dislocate us from each other further. Rather than communicate directly we gradually remove ourselves from society, floating aimlessly through cultural landscapes, whilst we travel virtually from social media app to social media app. Peter Zumthor describes a tree as ‘a pure being of obsolete presence’ a being devoid of message. The Forest Pavilion uses the image of a tree, devoid of meaning, to visually block the increasing bombardment of messages coming from the surrounding city. The Forest Pavilion (Shown below being located in the Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, Zagreb) carves out a portion of public space, which should be considered disconnected from the surrounding Modern City. It is this sense of ‘Dis-connection’ that aims to instill a deeper sense of ‘connection’ between the people experiencing the city. Momentarily transporting the participant into a natural landscape, emulating the environment that once occupied the space, and environment where humans once needed to come together to work collaboratively in order to live, love and survive. Instilling the sense of community that lead to the creation of our cities, cultures and the lives that we now so easily seem to take for granted.
Work details
Application Number 0000703017
Author Goodman, Matt Ross, Australia

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:32:48
    The work has fulfilled most of the competition demands. The jury recognizes the value of the proposition, although the quality of the entry does not suffice for the third round of the competition.
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