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Work title: Encouraging Defection

''''''''Project 1'''''''' The idea behind the design was to showcase human behaviour during an exhibition. The pavilion alone was conceived as a showpiece along with the visiting people, to not only explore the displayed art pieces, but to encourage the passers-by to start pondering about irregularities shown in the behaviour of the exhibition goers. I’m referring to the change in character while someone is observing something of a higher value, surrounded by people thought to be of a higher class, therefore the person is trying to emulate that demeanour. This drone-like behaviour encompasses and epitomizes the modern society. To try and experiment with the idea, the pavilion is constructed by frame-like elements to enable a clear view on the inside. Frames enclose the exhibition path, filled with art pieces, making a metaphorical ‘U’ layout, to situate the exit quite closely to the entrance. The art pieces are not as important as the concept, but following the pattern I’ve displayed furniture to try and get the desired pretentiousness out of the exhibition goers with common exhibits. The location for such a pavilion would be an open space, like the Ban Jelačić Square, or any similar space with a large circulation of people. The pavilion would be transportable and the exhibitions would be planned to avoid bad weather and other conditions. ‘Project 2’ The concept of this pavilion is similar, if not the same as the previous one. The location for this structure would be a park or an area considered to be the place of leisure for the local people, someplace where they can find an escape from their highly repetitive, ritualistic life. A perfect example is the Nikola Šubić Zrinjski Square. Like the ‘Project 1’ pavilion, this one also uses frame-like elements to accomplish the same task, only the reason for observation is different. The use of this structure is to display the behaviour of people while taking their time off, aiming to trigger an epiphany among the observing passers-by that the escape from the routine is actually a part of it. To elaborate, the goal is to disclose and to make people aware that life has become a soulless, empathy free routine controlled by the unknown in order of achieving a state where every aspect of it can be manipulated through conflict (racial, religious, sexual, national..) imposed by the media and most importantly, common people (turned into living drones) going to work, enjoying some spare time… The space inside the triangular (metaphorical shape) frames is divided into three segments. The central area is used both as an entrance and an exit, as well as being a communal area. The side areas are used for rest, food preparations, storing items and as a toilet. All the ‘furniture’, stairs and equipment are made out of projecting ground (cladding is used) and there are no installations built in the structure (besides the toilet, which is also installed into the projecting ground). Only the central area is level with the ground, while the side areas are eighty centimetres beneath, enabling the ground to project and create various elements. ‘Project 3’ This structure is conceived as being built by putting slabs on top of each other with the space between them being 75 centimetres. Nearly all the slabs are hollow to enable space for rooms inside the pavilion. The rooms are added vertically with stairways connecting them. The slabs are providing all the furniture and equipment like desks and bookshelves as well as platforms, floors and ceilings while not breaking down in parts. To simplify, all the furniture, floors and ceilings are actually projections from the slab and the shape of a hole in a slab is therefore determined by the content of the room. The pavilion is conceived as a public structure used for various reasons, namely work (studying) and leisure. It contains a library and a study which are permanently situated, while the purpose of other rooms is undefined as they could be used in more than one way. The location for such a construction would be an area with a large circulation of people like the Ban Jelačić Square so that its goal of observing behaviour would be achieved. The concept of the pavilion follows the one mentioned and explained in the paragraphs above but expands on it as the function of the rooms determine the behaviour of individuals (the undefined rooms can dement a behaviour depending on their ever changing functions).
Work details
Application Number 0000702956
Author Jurić, Domagoj , Croatia

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:44:56
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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