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Work title: Public square as self-governing island within the city

The study takes precedence from the London Occupy movements take over of Paternoster Square within the Square Mile of London in 2011 and the attention drawn to the political structure and influence of the City of London Corporation. The design aim is to reinstate the public square unto the powers of an elected local committee who manage the events that take place within the square. Unlike the the committee electorate is nominated by the people. The public square is treated as its own agency. The committee premises are within the square. The committee is not governed/managed by the state mayor. Its interests are the interests of the square and hence the people within it. As it an agency separate from the state, it is funded by lottery money, it also has an incentive to book a quota of trading on its site to pay for its maintenance & upkeep, and to also hire its internal spaces. Most importantly, as an incorporated pubic square (to serve the people), the square is reinstated as a site for delivery or expression to an audience. Facilitates free arena spaces. At the same time, this isle offers protection from or shelter from powers of interference surrounding the square. It does this by creating subterranean enclaves, pedestrians can descend into. Here, there is also no wireless access. The design uses the articulation of the ground plane to encourage movement, settlement, retreat, exposure, observation, participation. Use the articulation of the ground plane to prompt how and when to move through the space. The premises for the public square government committee is under the public square field. It is accessed by descending into the cut out arenas. The design is for a square that aims to activate a dialectic relationship between the square and its surrounding forces. Pedestrians still need to cross it to get to their destination points within the buildings surrounding the square. Yet are forced to engage with the particular environment that has been sculpted within the square solely for the purposes and uses of the square itself.
Work details
Application Number 0000702945
Author Heidenreich, Fionnuala , United Kingdom

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:30:25
    The work has fulfilled most of the competition demands. The jury recognizes the value of the proposition, although the quality of the entry does not suffice for the third round of the competition.
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