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City of Zagreb
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Republic of Croatia
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Work title: Wallspace

The proposal is an architecture as an instigator of public space. The series of walls that each occupy unique program reflect the culture of Zagreb, Croatia. Located in the Ban Jelacic Square, the proposal seeks to draw attention to the entire city as an opportunity for architecture to respond to today’s conflicting times. Zagreb is a potential city to serve as a positive case study for the growth of the European Union. With its recent membership in the Union, tourism has risen, and culture is flourishing. Therefore, it is only right that architecture serves to not impose with the risk of taking advantage of its growth, but rather set the stage for its transformations. WALLSPACE is an approach to sensitive architecture, an architecture reduced to its basic elements to have their qualities and characteristics explored for the enhancement and transformation of its space. Critique of such architecture is a critique of the generated activity. It is dependent on the user, the public and thus creates an intimate relationship between architecture and its people. The existing square is segmented, accomplished in the most efficient way by walls. A wall as an architectural element has its share of political and architectural motifs. A wall is often translated as a barrier, a boundary imposed to resolve the conflicted two sides. It is often solid, unwavering, and usually permanently placed. It seeks to mitigate the situation by containment, to realize at the last minute that the chaos can grow within and explode. However, the proposal juxtaposes this typology to a lighter wall, a transparent wall: a wall that blurs the notion of public and private with its material transparency and temporary qualities; a wall that not contains, but houses and nurtures activity. A wall that creates space for it to be inhabited by the public. WALLSPACE produces series of events and pulls together into one space a collection of programs. It accomplishes in establishing a holistic sensory perception of the space. Navigation between spaces occurs between the walls. The wall is a bridge between the two paradigms and brings order to the space. Phenomena of transparency only brings further opportunities of flexibility and possibilities of what space could do, potentially presenting illusions architecture can participate in that question the notion of boundary. Overall, the public square becomes a narrative of a layered city, composed of its numerous programs that reveals its urban growth. WALLSPACE provides a framework and responds to the insecurities with a splurge of culture that identifies with its city. In times of growing economical and political instability, architecture has to be sensitive and subtle, present and transparent.
Work details
Application Number 0000702821
Author Park, Min Keun , United States

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 03/08/2015 18:31:34
    Beautiful watercolour drawings bring the idea of sensitive architecture reduced to basic elements forward. The graphics are appreciated, but the design does not follow accordingly.
  • Juror @ 04/08/2015 12:25:48
    If delicate in its transparency, the set of walls suggests division rather than integration. Nice drawings, less convincing design.
  • Juror @ 03/08/2015 13:44:10
    A good quality of drawing, interesting and serious as a proposal analyzing the wall as a part of architectural alphabet showing a semantic importance.
  • Juror @ 03/08/2015 23:36:55
    Poetical and naïve.
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