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City of Zagreb
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Republic of Croatia
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The proposal tries to identify the hidden layers that creates a public sphere in a global context. The architectural design and form are just one aspect that shape up a public sphere as physical space. The liveliness of a public space instead is created by the network of activities performed by them. It is composed of multiple factors because of which intervening in it requires a cross disciplinary & multidimensional approach. As the theme demands to think PUBLIC SPACE an approach has been envisaged that goes beyond the 3-Dimensional or form based approach of defining a SPACE or a PUBLIC SPACE. UNDERSTANDING A SPACE AND A PUBLIC SPACE: A platform has been developed for a one to one comparison of space beyond 3-Dimensions i.e. 4-Dimensional. 0-DIMENSION: A point is the purest form of information in SPACE whereas a PUBLIC SPACE can also be referred as a landmark only in its 0-Dimension. 1-DIMENSION: In SPACE two points joined together forms a line, comparably a unidirectional approach to PUBLIC SPACE defines its functionality e.g. work, gathering, etc. 2-DIMENSION: In space two connected parallel lines forms a 2-Dimensional SPACE whereas in PUBLIC SPHERE the 2-Dimensional approach may interest Developer, Economist, Politician, Planners etc. who look into it technically. 3-DIMENSION: In SPACE two parallel square planes connected with 4 planes forms a 3-Dimensional space. In PUBLIC SPACE the 3-Dimensional approach interests architects, designers & artists who visualize it. 4-DIMENSION: Here we go beyond our limited knowledge of space and try to understand the 4-Dimensions of SPACE which is two parallel cubes connected with 6 cubes while being linked to each other thus creating an inside out geometry often referred as TESSERACT. SIMILARLY the base public space is shaped up by 6 layers/cells that redefines the value of public space in space time. Namely: - POLITICAL - SOCIAL - CULTURAL - ECONOMICAL - ECOLOGICAL - ACCESSIBILITY Over the platform of the TESSERACT these 6 layers were analysed from past to reshape the present and plan the future. Analysing these in different ages gives us an opportunity to understand which factor dominated when and how the technologies were used to reshape the society. UNDERSTANDING THE TIMELINE: The phases of industrial revolution changed the way we perceived these layers. The METALLURGICAL AGE was shaped by political and financial activities in our society. CHEMICAL AGE was dominated by the political activities. ELECTRICAL AGE often called as automation age is when the economic activities and mobility/accessibility shaped our society. UNDERSTANDING THE PRESENT: The present INFORMATION AGE is shaped by the social media/internet. Political, economic, mobility, social, or cultural all are remotely driven by the information age (internet). Here a balanced growth of society is required with equal sharing of knowledge in a collaborative world. RESHAPING THE PRESENT: The present global era where our society is shaping up based on Internet Of Things (IOT) a new design approach was taken to combine the current technology and architecture to shape up our society. Here all 6 layers of invisible dimensions were taken together and weaved to form a new Public Space. PROPSAL: Proposal talks about reshaping of a public plaza in an urban condition giving a solution at global level. The contextual solution represent a structure formed in a circular space with a 6 point ENNEPER’s SUFACE. The design invites people to use space under it as well as above it as a green park. Moreover the structure tackles the issues at local and global level by staying connected to social media over internet and analyzing the people behavior and converting their words into sculpture. This proposes an ever-changing building that redefines itself with the activities that are happening globally/locally. e.g. POLITICS: In case the people are talking more about the political condition either at global or local level the sculpture will change its color to red. This can be analyzed by the pictures getting uploaded on internet or the #(hashtags) used over web on social media. Economic: The economic condition of a society can be represented by the stock and trade related activities on web. However in a balanced scenario the structure changes its colours into a balanced colour tone with equal mix of Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Yellow, and Magenta colour lit on it. Thus it directly make people aware about what’s happening at local or global level, making people more informed and act according to the situation. How to control it and how to make it more useful for themselves.
Work details
Application Number 0000702799
Author Sorampuri, Abhishek , India

Juror Comments

  • Juror @ 13/08/2015 11:45:57
    The competition entry has only partly fulfilled the competition criteria. Although the effort invested is appreciated, the work does not qualify for the second round.
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