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City of Zagreb
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The enthusiastic group of Space Thinkers developed and launched the Think Space in summer 2010. Their intent is to provide the platform for spatial experimentation and exchange of conceptual ideas and to create the network of progressive thinkers beyond cultural, geographic or institutional borders.

Ana Dana Beros
is an architect, activist and educator at ARCHIsquad - group for the Architecture of Conscience, text writer and editor at Oris magazine and web editor at Zagreb Society of Architects. She was head designer of studio 'Dva Plus' creative department in Zagreb focusing on architectural competitions, where she won a couple of first prizes in open competitions, among which stands Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition Merit Award by juror Jun Aoki. She graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb; during her studies she gained architectural expertise in Finland, Brazil and Croatia.

Kata Gaspar
is an architect and urban planner with Master degree obtained from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture in 2011. Trough her studies, she spent a year studying Art History and French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, hence the later inclination towards exploring links between architectural past and present. Her professional experience consistently follows previously noted inclination, confirmed with three years of working experience in the Croatian Conservation Institute. As a practicing architect, Gaspar also gained experience working both in Croatia and in Ireland - Grafton Architects (2014 - 2015). Since 2011 she is part of the Think Space team. Working at Zagreb Society of Architects from 2011, in June 2013 she became Project Manager and Think Space Programme Coordinator. 

Luka Korlaet

is an architect and lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Korlaet has attended PhD studies in Urbanism, focusing on social housing issues. He is a member of the Executive Committee of Zagreb Society of Architects since 2009. He took part in numerous open competitions and won several prizes. Korlaet graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb, during his studies he was awarded with the Chancellor's Award.

Ana Marendic
graduated from the Police Academy at the Zagreb University in 2002, with Master's degree in criminalist science. In 2005 Marendic started working at the Zagreb Society of Architects as well as at the Croatian Association of Architects. Since 2010 she works exclusively at the Zagreb Society of Architects, and is in charge of membership services, organisation of professional exhibitions, competitions, conferences and other programmes.

Tomislav Pletenac
is associate professor in the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies in Zagreb. At the same faculty Pletenac earned the docent position after acquring PhD degree with Ethnology as a Product of Transculturation thesis. During his doctoral studies he specialized at the international project Teching and Writing in Postsocialist and Postcolonial Context (2001-2004). He participated in numerous conferences abroad and in the country. Since 2007 until 2009 he was Head of Department, and remained Head of Cathedra of Cultural Anthropology until today. Pletenac participated in lecturing from 1996. He teaches Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, and Methods and Techniques in Culture Research. Today,  he leads the following courses: Theory of Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography of Popular Culture at the undergraduate studies, and Culture of Post-socialism,  and Postcolonialism and Gender at the graduate studies. At the doctoral studies Pletenac is Head of Contemporary Problems in Cultural Anthropology module and teaches an elective course Anthropology of Violence. Aside from his academic work he is engaged in documentary filmography as screenwriter and manager.

Vesna Vrga Perovic
gained her degree in engineering at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, MBA at IEDC Bled School of Management in Slovenia and specialized education at the J.F.Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in USA and in Management Centre Europe in Brussels. She has more than 10 years of experience in Croatian Academic and Research Network-CARNet where she worked on implementation of ICT projects, creation of digital contents and internet portals. Additionally, she was participating in organizing committees of many international conferences and has organized many educational and promotional events.


Sanja Cvjetko Jerković
is an architect, researcher and lecturer. She graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, Universita' IUAV di Venezia, in the class of prof Luciano Semerani, where she began working within the Department of Architectural Design. During years 2005-06 she was part-time assistant at the Department for Architectural Design of the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Since 2006 she has been employed at Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, as PhD Candidate and lecturer. Besides the focus on education and scientific research, she has been dedicated to architectural praxis, publishing and organization of professional exhibitions, conferences and lectures. Cvjetko Jerkovic was the Croatian Exhibition coordinator in Venice Biennale Metamorph 2003 and participated as an author in II International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam 2005.


Damir Ljutić
is an architect and President of the Zagreb Society of Architects (2009-2013). Ljutic is a founding partner of an awardwinning architectural studio 'Dva plus' in Zagreb with 14 years of experience. He is a member of the Committee for Architectural Excellence of the City of Zagreb and member of the Green Building Council of Croatia. Ljutic graduated at the Academy for Political Development under the patronage of the Council of Europe, and at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb.


Kata Marunica

Head of Zagreb Society of Architects Youth section. Graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb in 2006. The same year begins her practice as an architect in Workshop for Architecture. In 2007 she involves in PhD programme “Arhitektura” at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb. Soon after, in 2008, she is a founding partner of the architectural studio NFO in Zagreb with her colleague Nenad Ravnic. She is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb and head of ZSA Youth section where she deals with projects of significance for the architectural practice that involve young architects and students. She participates in many architectural competitions where she receives several awards.


Lukas Pauer, Publications Coordinator
is studying urban design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and holds a MSc Arch ETH from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich). Lukas currently serves as the Publications Coordinator for the Think Space Programme at the Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ). He has participated in a number of research projects at ETH, such as the Structural Oscillations project for the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008 and the ongoing research platform urbaninform / Squat at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in 2009. In addition he has been involved in a publication on philanthropy and architecture with Jeffrey Inaba and the Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting (C-Lab) in NYC, as well as various experimental periodicals, such as prss release, trans, MONU and Volume Magazine. Recently, in collaboration with Paisajes Emergentes / LCLA Office, he has been teaching workshops on speculative landscapes at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


Dominko Blažević
Tamara Brixy
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Tin Čop
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Ivana Šajn
Ivan Zloušić
Danijel Riđički


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