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May 20th 2014

Comments of the Juror and Awarded Authors - Environment Competition plus 3rd Think Space Unconference at Lauba, Zagreb

We are bringing you more details on the authors behind awarded entries of the last competition in Money cycle - Environment/ Subtraction. Enclosed you also may find the insightful comments written by the juror of the aforementioned competition, Keller Easterling, on each selected entry. 

On this occasion, we invite you to join the award-winning authors, jury and guests curators at the final three-day international gathering of architects and related professionals and students The 3rd Think Space Unconference MONEY during which we will question the issues piled up throughout the cycle. In this exciting Think Space season  we have dealt with money + territories + cuture & society + environment through instruments that include conceptual architectural competitions and call for papers. In June from 11th to 13th we will welcome you at Lauba Gallery, Zagreb. More details on the participation fee: Applications for accommodation in the Think Space Couch Surfing Programme: toni.serdarusic @

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Zagreb, May 12th

Environment / Subtraction Competition Results Announcement

Dear Think Spacers, 

We are happy to announce the results of the final competition of the MONEY Cycle as announced during a mini.symposium Environment/ Subtraction in Zagreb on May 9th by the juror of the competition - Keller Easterling. 

We sincerely thank all authors who have submitted their proposal and look forward to the next competition!

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Zagreb, 6th May 2014

Mini.Symposium Environment & Results Announcement

Dear Think Spacers, 
We sincerely thank all the participants of the Environment / Subtraction Competiton. The results of the competition at hand will be publicly announced on Friday, May 9th at 19:00 hrs during the final Mini.Symposium of the Money Cycle at Lauba, House for People and Art in Zagreb. Keller Easterling, the juror of the competition, will be announcing the results while the event will also include a panel discussion between curator of the cycle, Ethel Baraona Pohl, member of the programme board, Ana Dana Beroš, juror of the Competition Keller Easterling, while the host of the talk will be Tomislav Pletenac, PhD, member of the Call for Papers evaluation board. Entire event will be broadcasted here. Tune in here from 19:00 hrs CET!

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Zagreb 7th April 2014

Submit Your Competition Entry

Dear Think Spacers, 

Few days are left to submit your Environment/ Subtraction Competition Entry. If you have already registered and completed competition payment fee procedure, please submit your entries here. In case you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact us at as we will be happy to assist you. Entry submission will close on April 10th at 24:00 hrs, CET (Central European Time). Incomplete or belated entries will not be evaluated.

We are looking forward to your proposals!

Your Think Space Team

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Zagreb, 2 April 2014

Few days left to enter Environment Competition

Dear Think Spacers, 

The deadline of the last competition of the Money cycle is aproaching, April 10th. We hope that you will use the following days wisely, and are looking forward to review and award your entries. Complete information about the ongoing competition jurored by Keller Easterling please find here.

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Zagreb, 28 March 2014

TS is currently experiencing technical difficulties

Dear Think Spacers, 

Our entry submission platform is currently experiencing technical difficulties and we kindly ask you to bear with us. The system will be enabled for entry upload from Monday, March 31st. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Due to these issues we have decided to extend the Early Bird Fee until Monday, March 31st as well. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Your Think Space Team 

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